Miscellaneous Pretty Pictures

These pictures will never be printed for one reason or another, but they are still worth looking at. I hope you enjoy them.


January 1, 1999 - Mt Hood from Lolo Pass Rd at 4:30 PM

April 25, 1999 - South Rim of the Grand Canyon taken around 5:30 PM facing due east.

Hakone Gardens near Saratoga, CA

December 2000 - Along the Lewis River in Washington state

A flower along the Los Gatos Creek Trail

August 4, 2001 - San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

September 2003 - Lake Takalaka on the east side of Mt. Adams in Washington state

September 2003 - Ft. Stevens on the Oregon Coast.

September 2003 - Mt. Hood about 1 mile west of Timberline Lodge