Munich and Beyond

May 5-14, 2003

These are a few of my pictures from Germany.  I hope you enjoy them.

This image is of the glockenschpiel in Munich.  The area is called Marienplatz.

Marienplatz2.jpg (63691 bytes)

While wandering around Munich, I came across this fountain.  There are a lot of green spaces, and parks in Germany, and this is just one sample.

Munich2.jpg (121513 bytes)

One day part of the subway wasn't working.  I walked from our hotel to the first working stop, and the next picture was taken along the way.  Incidentally, I passed this structure while running along a river.  This is part of a park that is about five miles long.  There are running and bike trails the whole length.

Munich4.jpg (100292 bytes)

Next we have a german museum.    I didn't go in since I actually had to work this day.  I was just getting a little sightseeing in before my work day started.

Munich6.jpg (108929 bytes)

Odenplatz is very close to Marienplatz in downtown Munich.  This was another huge garden within the middle of the city.

Odenplatz2.jpg (79402 bytes)

The '72 olympics were held in Munich.  This picture shows part of the grounds with the BMW headquarters in the background on the right.

Olympic6.jpg (44829 bytes)

Overlooking the main stadium from the olympics at sundown.  This is yet another beautiful park.  The hill I'm on was made from rubble after WW2.  Destroyed buildings were piled up and dirt dumped over that.  The result is quite nice!

Olympic7.jpg (58227 bytes)

Schloss Neuschwanstein is in southern Germany.  It is nestled at the base of the alps.  These pictures show the castle and some of the plain it overlooks.  The castle is not nearly as old as one might expect from a castle, so you feel a little cheated.  However, I don't visit castles very often.

Castle16.jpg (118992 bytes)

We hiked some on a ridge overlooking the castle.  This got us off the beaten path, and gave us better views.

Castle10.jpg (62288 bytes)

Sorry, that's it!  I hope you enjoyed my short tour of Germany.