Boston Area

March 11-20, 2005


In March of 2005 I took a vacation to the Boston Area. I took a number of pictures while wandering around the town. Most of the pics here were taken along the freedom trail. The pictures here are in the order I took them while walking along the trail, and I'll add details as I get around to it. Enjoy!

And if I sound informed, it's just stuff I copied from a guidebook.

This first picture is the State House taken from the Boston Common. The State House was completed in 1798, and sits on the east end of the 45 acre park (Boston Common).

Benjamin Franklin's Grave in the Granary Burial Ground.

Another grave in the same cemetary.

The old city hall.

I believe this next one is the Old South Meeting House. This is where the 60 people actually started on December 16, 1773 when they decided to throw some tea in the harbor.

This next one is the Old State House. In 1761 John Adams wrote about a meeting that took place in this building. He said, "Then and there the child Independence was born." After the revolution, it was the meeting place for the Commonwealth Government.

I'm not really sure what this next building is, but I liked the look of it.

Here's another picture of the old state house, taken from the other side.

Here is Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It was built in 1742 on what was then the waterfront, and was a meeting hall on the upper floors, and a market on the bottom.

For some reason the people in Boston don't like the Yankees, or Canadians.

I believe this was the St. Stephen church, but don't remember now.

Paul with the Old North Church in the background.

The Old North Church, below, was built in 1723, and is the oldest church in Boston. April 18, 1775 was the date that Robert Newman hung two lanterns to signify the Brits were coming by sea.

The USS Constitution (aka Old Ironsides) was built in 1797, and is the oldest commissioned vessel in the world. She still makes one voyage a year, every July 4.

Her Flag.

Bunker Hill. The monument is 221 feet high with 294 steps.

The streetlamps in the Bunker Hill area are gas lit.

The Zakim Bridge. It is supposed to remind you of the Bunker Hill monument (see above).

The next pictures are a panorama of Boston from Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River. The first picture is almost due east, and the last one due west.


I walked over to MIT, just to see what the fuss was about.

This is just another building at MIT. I don't know what it's used for, but it doesn't seem like the most efficient use of space. Still, it's fun to look at.

On my way to the subway from MIT I passed this sculpture. I liked it, thus the pic.

I stopped by Harvard too, but was tired by that time and didn't really stick around.

Another day, this one on Cape Cod. What I like about this picture is that I am standing on a cliff with the Atlantic Ocean behind me, and you can clearly see the bay in the back of this pic. What you can't see is that I'm standing in the middle of a golf course. I think I'd loose a few balls in the Atlantic.

A little farther south on the cape.

Sunset that evening.

The Celtics put on a good show, and the seats were great!

Sorry, that's all. I took some pictures with my real camera, but those haven't been developed yet. Perhaps one of these days!