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Just off the eastern end of the Swift reservoir where Pine Creek enters the Lewis River is a small spot called Eagle's Cliff. This picture shows the base of that cliff.
At the base of the Lower Falls of the Lewis River, the water dripped onto the rock below. I had to cross the river to get there, and where that normally isn't a problem, it is hard when carrying the camera equiptment that can't get wet. September 2003.
Here is the entire Lower Falls taken from the trail above. The previous picture was taken from the dry rocks in the lower right of the picture. September 2003.
South east of Swift reservoir was this stump with the bush growing out of the top.
Along the coast in Pacific Grove, CA I was taking pictures of the water, and noticed the beautiful contrast between the yellows and greens of the grain, and the purple of the ground cover behind.
Along the path in Muir Woods was a small stream cascading off this rock. It was a very peaceful.
While wating for sunset near the Peter Iredale in Oregon, I noticed these wind patterns in the sand. September 2003.
The Peter Iredale wrecked on the Oregon Coast in 1906. It makes for a wonderful sunset foreground. September 2003.
This image was taken minutes later than the one above. It's amazing what a little bit of time will do. September 2003
Taken from a mile west of Timberline Lodge on the Timberline Trail, this image shows Mt. Jefferson on the horizon.