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Berry Creek Falls is in Big Basin Redwoods State Park, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This picture was taken in the summer of 2003.
This image of the Golden Gate Bridge was taken during July of 2000. It was a beautiful day, but like many summer days in San Francisco, it was cold.
Later that evening, I was taking pictures from Baker Beach. This time I was thankful it was cold. As I learned later, Baker Beach is a gay nude beach. I don't like people in my pictures anyway.
Along Berry Creek, above the falls, I noticed this leaf in the water. Some of the colors are reflections of the trees and sky. Summer 2003.
Just outside Saratoga, CA is Hakone Gardens. This picture was taken there during the summer of 2000.
This is Middle Falls on the Lewis River in Washington State. The campground here is a beautiful place to camp. September 2003.
At Wilder Ranch, south of San Jose, I noticed a lone mustard plant among the grasses. The blue sky contrasts wonderfully with the bright yellow. Summer 2000.
Castle Crags is three miles south of Dunsmuir, CA. This day was nice, but a storm was coming in. Deciding my tripod made a good lightning rod, I packed up and hiked out just before the storm began. July 2000.
Taken in the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.
Taken just below the Middle Falls of the Lewis River. September 2003.