My Pond

The pond was here before I bought the house, but it didn't work. For one, there wasn't a pump, but there were several things along the way. This page documents the progress I've made.

This picture was before I did anything. I was standing out on my deck oneday and saw a couple of ducks land in my pond.

I needed to clean the pond, so I drained it. Most of the draining was done with four hoses and a siphon. Here's the pond partially drained. You can see the algae on the sides. You can also see the fish. It's the orange spot on the right side.

I cleaned as much algae as I could from the pond, including the stuff you can't see here. There was a lot.

I drained it further than this, and cleaned as much as I could. This next picture was taken shortly after I started filling it.

While the pond is filling I figured I would put up a couple pictures of my fish. My fish's name is Frank.

In addition to cleaning, I also had to add a pump. Here's the pumpbox.

Finally, it's full and running! you can see the water coming out of two rocks. The water runs down a small stream, and into the pond at the far end. It also comes out of the nearer stone and drops directly into the water. I am planning on modifying how the water drops into the pond at the stream. I want the water to fall off a flagstone.

I haven't added a UV clarifier at this point, but am planning on running it separate from the main pump. It'll be powered by a the solar panels in the next picture.

The panels charge a battery which is used to run an inverter that powers a small pump, and UV clarifier. I've just sort of guessed as to the sizes of the clarifier and pump. I guess I'll find out how well it works!

Just for fun, this was Friday night's sunset. The biggest peak is Long's Peak. It's one of the 14ers.

That's it for now.